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The Popularity of Sweet Potato Fries Fast Food Chains

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Around the globe, sweet potato fries are becoming more and more popular at fast food restaurants. Customers seeking a healthy alternative to classic french fries have grown to love these crunchy and tasty fries. Sweet potato fries have won over many people’s hearts and stomachs with their crisp texture and somewhat sweet flavor, which has increased demand for them in fast food establishments.

This trend demonstrates how customer tastes are always evolving and how fast food businesses are prepared to change with the times and provide a wider variety of menu items. In the realm of fast food, sweet potato fries are here to stay, whether they are used as a side dish or as a stand-alone snack.

Sweet Potato Fries Fast Food Chains
Sweet Potato Fries Fast Food Chains

10 Fast Food Chains That Serve the Best Sweet Potato Fries

Fast food has ingrained itself into our culinary culture, providing fast and easy meals for those on the go. Even while the traditional French fry is still a mainstay at many fast-food restaurants, Sweet Potato Fries are becoming more and more of a standout choice. This post examines the top ten fast food restaurants that have improved the sweet potato fry experience by offering a tasty and nutritious substitute for the classic version.

1. Chick-fil-A: A Heavenly Blend of Sweet and Savory

Famous for its delicious chicken sandwiches, Chick-fil-A never lets you down when it comes to sweet potato fries. Their sweet potato fries are a must-try because of their delicate inside and well-seasoned, crispy surface. Chick-fil-A’s dedication to excellence is shown by their ability to create a side dish that is exceptional, going beyond just their chicken.

2. Shake Shack: Elevating the Fry Game

Shake Shack has made a name for itself on this list by putting a distinctive spin on the traditional fries experience. Their naturally sweet and delightfully crunchy sweet potato crinkle-cut fries go well with their savory counterparts. These sweet potato fries take your taste senses on a savory trip, especially when served with their famous ShackSauce on the side.

3. In-N-Out Burger: Secretly Delicious Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are a secret menu item at In-N-Out Burger, which is well-known for its legendary burgers and animal-style fries. Although not specifically mentioned, astute patrons may order these delicious fries, which reveal a great blend of crunchy and sweet undertones that unexpectedly enhance the In-N-Out experience.

4. Five Guys: Simplicity in Perfection

Not only does Five Guys have great burgers that can be customized, but it also has great sweet potato fries. Their inherent sweetness comes through because of how simply they are prepared. Five Guys’ sweet potato fries, served hot and crispy, are a tribute to the beauty that may be found in simple perfection.

5. Burger King: Royalty in Sweet Potato Fries

The massive fast-food chain Burger King has deftly adopted the sweet potato craze. Their expertly seasoned sweet potato fries provide a well-balanced combination of sweet and salty tastes. Because Burger King is dedicated to providing high-quality cuisine, its sweet potato fries are a magnificent complement to any fast-food meal.

6. Arby’s: Curly and Sweet Perfection

Known for its roast beef sandwiches, Arby’s astonishes a lot of people with its amazing sweet potato curly fries. The distinctive spiral cut makes eating more enjoyable, and the ideal ratio of crunch to sweetness makes a lasting impact. Arby’s curly fries made of sweet potatoes are a welcome change from the norm.

7. McDonald’s: Golden Arches, Golden Fries

The popular fast-food chain McDonald’s has not ignored the sweet potato fad. Serving their sweet potato fries alongside the traditional favorites, they provide a healthy option without sacrificing flavor. These fries are a deserving addition to the McDonald’s menu since the Golden Arches provide them with their golden touch.

8. Wendy’s: Fresh, Crispy, and Sweet

Wendy’s, renowned for its never-frozen fresh meat, continues to uphold its high standards with its sweet potato fries. Wendy’s sweet potato fries are an enjoyable change from the norm since they are crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside. Their savory entrees are complemented with a side dish that accentuates the inherent sweetness of potatoes.

9. Taco Bell: A Twist in Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries get a distinctive makeover from Taco Bell, a fast food chain renowned for its creative take on Mexican cuisine. Taco Bell’s sweet potato fries are seasoned with a combination of spices that enhance the taste profile. They provide a delightful crunch and a bit of spiciness, making them a memorable treat for anyone looking to branch out from the norm.

10. Jack in the Box: Bold Flavors, Bold Fries

Known for its flavorful and varied cuisine, Jack in the Box embraces the sweet potato fry craze. Their product has strong tastes that are precisely balanced between savory and sweet. Sweet potato fries from Jack in the Box are a wonderful substitute for individuals who are yearning for something unique and are a tribute to their inventive cooking skills.


In conclusion, sweet potato fries are assuming a central role in the changing fast-food side dish environment. These five fast-food restaurants have perfected the art of making sweet potato fries that surpass all standards. Whether your preference is for them to be crispy, curly, or seasoned with an unusual touch, these places provide a delicious change of pace from the typical.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Like regular fries, sweet potato fries are often sliced into long lengths. After that, they are seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices, such paprika, garlic powder, or cinnamon, then baked or fried until crispy.

Due to its high vitamin, mineral, and fiber content, sweet potato fries are often seen as a healthier alternative to conventional fries. However, things like the way it's prepared and the extra toppings might affect how healthy it is.

Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamins C and B6, as well as beta-carotene, which is a precursor to vitamin A. They're a healthy option since they also include dietary fiber.

Indeed, sweet potato fries are naturally gluten-free, which means that anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity may eat them. But in common cooking areas, cross-contamination during preparation might be a problem.

As people's desire in a wider variety of healthier food alternatives grew in the early 2000s, sweet potato fries began to become more popular.

Because potatoes naturally have a sweet taste, sweet potato fries have a unique sweet and savory flavor. Regular fries, on the other hand, are more flavorless and are produced with white potatoes.

Sweet potato fries are a flexible food that go well with both as a side dish and a snack. They are often offered as an appetizer or with burgers and sandwiches.

The popularity of sweet potato fries as a tasty and healthier alternative has been attributed to the growth of the health food movement and the rising desire for a variety of unusual and distinctive culinary experiences.


Indeed, there are geographical differences in how sweet potato fries are made. To tailor the taste of the fries to local tastes, several areas may add their spices and seasonings.

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